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The Mushroom Tarot

Judgement Mushroom Tarot Shirt, Black Organic Cotton

Judgement Mushroom Tarot Shirt, Black Organic Cotton

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A Holy Psilocybe showering it's sporetastic magic upon three mycohumans below. One of my favorites due to the silly wonder of a giant mushroom in the clouds showering wisdom & understanding upon their followers below––also, the butts on those mushroom folk are too much.

This Mushroom Tarot Shirt features The Judgement Card from the 2nd Edition of The Mushroom Tarot. Here's the description from the guide:

The previous two cards represented reflection/meditation on the complexity & interconnected layers of being, then the pure joy surrounding us in each moment. The Judgement card can represent what comes after we emerge from our previously bound consciousness and into a newly-discovered, limitless existence. We are presented with a choice to hold onto what we have learned or slide back into our previously known fuzzy existence. The three mycohumanoid figures represent the mother:father halves of your sub:self conscious mind and your reborn self emerging from the depths! Hang on & savor whatever clarity you have claimed!

The “Sacred Mushroom” here is most certainly a Psilocybe species. Representative of the various cultures who have utilized an appreciation of expanding consciousness through respectful & established rituals involving these fungi.

Do no harm & expand your mind on this–and every–lovely day!

Printed on Made in US, Black, 100% Organic Cotton tee in our Corvallis, OR studio with Discharge Bone White Ink.

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