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The Mushroom Tarot

Mushroom Tarot Death Card Shirt, Black Organic Cotton

Mushroom Tarot Death Card Shirt, Black Organic Cotton

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A skeleton dancing with a Destroying Angel. If you are a fan of mushrooms, tarot, skeletons, awesomeness or you just need a new black tee because your closet caught on fire this tee is for you!!!

This Death Card Shirt features artwork from the 2nd Edition of The Mushroom Tarot. Here's the description from the guide:

When I see the Death card I think of the stereotypical ‘fortune teller’ turning one over for a nervous customer in a murder mystery, then looking up with a gasp & contorted face–but maybe it isn’t bad at all. Death might only be a moment of change or transition. Moving between phases of life, or moving between the biggest phase-change of death to new life might be healthy to start pondering sooner rather than later. As a side note, I can’t help but see a smiling skeleton working away under a beautiful sunset when I look at most ‘traditional’ Tarot versions. 

Amanita ocreata is perhaps a melancholy choice for this card. The Destroying Angel is most notorious for its deadly relationship with mistaken mycophagists, but it truly is a beautiful species and a member of the genus with maybe the most mesmerizing life stages. Amanitas begin as an ‘egg’, and then slowly unfold into some lovely & archetypal mushroom forms; leaving behind remnants of each phase as spots on the cap and rings on their stipes.

Printed on Made in US, Black, 100% Organic Cotton tee in our Corvallis, OR studio with Discharge Bone White Ink.

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