The Mushroom Tarot by Chris Adams

With art by Chris Adams, Founder of Corvidopolis & Sporelust!, The Mushroom Tarot is a self-published small run deck based on the Rider Waite Coleman-Smith system. The artwork draws heavily on Chris' interest in mycology and Pacific Northwest ecosystems, pairing each card in the Major Arcana with a specific mushroom species and each suit in the Minor Arcana with a carefully selected genus.

Chris also is the artist & printer behind Corvidopolis and Sporelust!, two apparel / art brands centered on a love for the outdoors, diverse ecosystems and filtered through artistic influences including 80s punk rock and 60s counterculture comics & posters.

Mushrooms are amazing & wonderful organisms that play an integral role in all natural systems, and we hope this deck succesfully draws on that universal energy & wonder.

Multimedia collage


Mushroom Tarot rotating apparel offerings with some standards. US Made tees printed...