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The Mushroom Tarot

TWAR Newt Sticker

TWAR Newt Sticker

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This could be a long description because I love Rough Skinned Newts a lot. Maybe I'm overselling my love for Rough Skinned Newts though; it could be superficial and I might not have as much to say about them as I suspect––I guess we'll find out. This sticker features an adorable little Rough Skinned Newt I drew while sitting at a Tarot Convention before Covid. I love it's sleepy little eye and mellow posture. Like the whole TWAR series, this Newt is also suggesting loudly that, "The Woods Are Rad!".

Now let's talk newts. I'm not sure what your personal experience is, but when I'm in the woods in the Pacific Northwest––mostly Western Oregon––I see these little wonders everywhere I go. I see them lazily wandering around in the moss while I'm picking Matsutake at the coast. I've seen them wandering in the Cascades over steep, recently burned mountainsides. Occasionally I'll catch one eyeing me from a mossy hole while I bend down to ogle a random mushroom. There's also a place near Corvallis we call the Newt Pond, and we take our little human there to watch Rough Skinned Newts float & dive eternally. What is it about them? They're casual. They've got sweet bumpy skin. They could kill you with a single belly lick. Oh, did we skip over that part? They are crazy poisonous and there is all sorts of scientific & imaginary information out there about how poisonous they are. In general I think it's safe to say you shouldn't lick their bellies. Ok, that's my quick thoughts on Rough Skinned Newts and why I love them. It's also a good sticker, so get one if you relate.

As all our color stickers, this one is printed in the US by Sticker Mule, and I think they're the best darn digital stickers out there. Measures ~ 2" x 3.5" on super durable vinyl with a UV coating.

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